Blind Box #4 Seat Bag

Blind Box #4 Seat Bag

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We are excited to launch Blind Box specials on! Here's how it works. From time to time, we will pick a random assortment of items in a category, such as jerseys or socks for example, put a crazy discount on it. You never know what you will get! One randomly selected buyer will receive a special bonus item with the blind box item. We'll give a vague description of what you could expect in a Blind Box. As such, Blind Boxes have no returns or exchanges unless we sent the wrong labeled size.

Blind Box #4 is a seat bag! Blind boxes will be created from a random selection of Cannondale and Blackburn seat bags with a retail value range from $25 to $45. One lucky (random) buyer will get a multitool and co2 inflator inside their bag! Get one before they are gone!

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